10 Great Gifts for the Booty Barre Lover

Need a little help creating your holiday wish list or just want ideas for your barre loving friend or spouse.  Look no further!  Here’s what to get your bootybarre lover this holiday season:

1. More Classes!!  What better way to say Merry Christmas but with a gift card to BootyBarre by Laura?!  The barre lover in your life will never say no to that!  Click below to buy a gift card…

bb logo

2. Sticky socks or legwarmers.  They come in a variety of colors and styles and make great stocking stuffers.  Stop in to Jamie’s to  pick up these hot new leg warmers from Sticky Be Socks or here are a couple more places to buy online:

leg warmers


3. Clothes.  The barre addict in your life probably loves new workout clothes almost as much as she loves barre itself!!  Ranging from high end to budget friendly, here are my favorite lines for barre gear.

4. Reusable Water Bottles.  Save the environment and stay hydrated during barre class!  Fun and fashionable, reusite.com is the place to pick one up for under the tree.

5. Manicure/Pedicure Gift Cards.  Those feet especially need extra TLC from all the plies and releves at the barre.  Any local salon would do, but my favorite is Casal’s.

6.  Refreshing Facial or Eyelash Extensions.  All that bootybarre leaves a girl needing some pampering!  A gift card for a refreshing facial or natural looking eyelash extensions done by our own Barre Addict and licensed esthetician , Tracy Bader.  Visit Infinite Beauty for scheduling and gift cards.

7.  iTunes Gift Card.  For all the fun music you heard in barre that you must add to your playlist.  iTunes has it all!

8.  A new yoga mat.  For a cool new twist, you can custom make a new yoga mat with fun prints, patterns or even your own image at www.yogamatic.com.   Or pick one up at Studio Oxygen in Canfield, the only place in town for the best yoga instruction and mats/gifts from their boutique!

9.  Coffee gift card.  Who doesn’t love a skinny latte after barre for a protein boost and delicious treat?  Try my new local favorite, Stone Fruit Coffee also in Canfield.stonefruit

10. Finally, did I mention gift cards??  Visit BarreYoungstown.com now before Santa makes his way to your house this year!