Current Class Offerings

  • bootybarre® and bootybarre flex/flow is ideal for all levels, beginner to advanced
  • Level 1  Barre is ideal for those hesitant to start in a regular class or those with limitations
  • CORE barre and barreX (uses the TRX bands) are for the more experienced barre student, we ask that you have at least 5 bootybarre classes prior to starting these classes
  • Pilates, TRX Pilates, Yoga/Pilates Fusion; all levels welcome
  • Dance Body is more cardio focused, please wear supportive and clean tennis shoes
  • TRX HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a combo of TRX and cardio burst designed to boost your metabolism, please wear supportive and clean tennis shoes
  • bootybarre BOUNCE is our newest class that incorporate the mini trampolines with handlebars.  Rebounding detoxes the lymphatic system which is extremely beneficial to your health, as well as providing a low impact cardio and strength option
  • Men welcome!
  • Check the schedule often for new classes being added periodically 
  • Holding or reserving a spot in your desired class is highly recommended but due to limited space we have a cancellation policy as stated below.  Please be considerate of this policy, it is for the benefit of you only.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive on time. If you are a new guest, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled.
  • Please remove your shoes and place them in the cubbies or lobby.
  • Keep your cell phones off and away. Better yet, keep in your car because this is a time for you to zone out and focus on your workout.  Emergency calls can be taken in the lobby.
  • CLEAN inside only shoes are permitted for select classes (i.e. HIIT, dance, tramp cardio). For other classes, sticky socks are fine but not required.
  • Always practice at your own level. Never compare or compete. It is YOUR responsibility to inform your instructors of pre/post natal, injuries or past history.
  • Please pick up after yourself, put away ALL props, and clean your space, including your barre and floor with our disinfectant wipes.
  • Don’t leave early, it disrupts your peers and is disrespectful to your barretender. If you must, inform the instructor before class begins.
  • Please don’t wear perfume or strong scents into class. It can be overbearing to your neighbor.  Deodorant is always welcome though :)
  • If you don’t feel well, do not come to class.  We’d love to have you back when you are feeling healthy and germ free.
  • Do not bring children into childcare if they are not well either.  Kids must be fever free for 24 hours.  No exceptions.
  • If you have a child during childcare times, they MUST be under the care of the babysitter, not in the barre studio or own their own.  Each child is $3.  Other times like evening/weekends, you may bring them AT YOUR OWN RISK .
  • Late cancel and no show policy is strictly enforced.
  • Waiver of liability MUST be signed before taking class

We recognize we all have busy lives and things come up unexpectedly which may cause us to ‘late cancel’ from a class.  You MUST cancel at least 6 hours prior to class.  Canceling within the 6 hours prior to class will result in losing that class from your pass.  If you hold an unlimited class pass you may be charged an $10 cancellation fee. We do reserve the right to cancel a class on the schedule due to low attendance. Thank you!

Barre Youngstown

Barre Youngstown