Why Booty Barre is in a “Class” of Its Own

Until recently, you probably only thought a “barre” class involved a pole or mistook it for a ballet class, only to be done by ballerina dancers.   Now a days, there are many barre methods, franchises and DVD’s out there, that all seeming to be the same workout.   Not true, my friends!  Although they all use the “barre”, grouping them together as the same class can be misleading. You won’t necessarily get the same experience when you take different versions of barre. Why should you choose Booty Barre over any other method out there? Well there are lots of reasons, but here are my top 7.

  1. Teachers know what they are talking about.

The Booty Barre Corporation rigorously trains its teachers. Booty Barre requires the instructors to either have either a professional dance background, a Pilates certification or a lengthy fitness background before even being allowed to train as a teacher. In that, it is understood that Booty Barre teachers learn anatomy and physiology and are aware of how to work with EVERY client’s body type, age, injury or limitation. Before being certified every Booty Barre teacher-in-training must demonstrate that she has learned and understands the Booty Barre technique and can teach it effectively by having their class graded by the Booty Barre creator herself! You won’t have nearly that amount of knowledge and expertise in these other methods…most are people off the streets with no body awareness or teaching experience, just looking for a fun job.

  1. The method is unique and effective.

One move follows another for a very specific reason. The shortening of the muscles in the isometric series (plies and booty hips) is followed by the flexibility section (kicks). This pattern is followed the whole class to allow the muscles to shorten, then lengthen, then stretch. Done regularly, the proof is in the pudding…you get toned muscles without looking bulky. Trim the hips/thighs/buns and sculpt the core/abs/back. It’s so brilliant.

  1. Cardio Intervals to boost your fat burn

Those short bursts of cardio may only be for 30-45 seconds long, but they are doing wonders for your body. The heart rate gets a boost, you start sweating, moving the body faster while still low impact so it’s safe for your joints. This will confuse your metabolism, increasing your caloric burn during the class, but also, way after the class is over. Getting your heart rate up and down is essential for overall fitness, in any class you choose.

  1. Ballet and Dance inspired moves are fun and effective!

No you don’t need any dance background to take this class, but some of the moves will make you feel like you are a prima ballerina or one of the Rockettes in a kick line! We don’t do repetitive movements to fatigue the muscles, we will move your entire body from head to toe the entire class and that will fatigue your muscles too! You get the benefits of ballet training…long, lean muscles and abs of steel!

  1. We work in neutral spine

It can be incredibly unsafe for the low back (sacroililiac joint) to work in a constant contraction like some other barre methods teach. You run the risk of shortened hip flexors (read: ouch!) and an achy back.  Booty Barre works mostly in a neutral spine so you aren’t stressing too much of any one side, you are evenly using your core and stabilizers through the moves.

  1. The music and energy

The beat per minute is specific for moving you through the exercises quickly enough to get your heart rate up, yet slow enough to keep you moving safely without injury. The class moves from one muscle to the next without much rest so the energy of the class stays high and we don’t lose focus.

  1. Teacher shows you the moves

A key component of the Booty Barre teaching style is that teachers show students how to do the particular exercise, knowing that most are visual learners. Observing their students throughout the class is great to see form and check for safety; however you need to know what you are doing first!

Still haven’t tried Booty Barre? What are you waiting for?! See you at the barre!

Xo Laura